There are still 181 million Windows XP PCs  Two years after its death, Windows XP is still used in 181 million computers worldwide. According to market research firm Net Applications, Windows XP PCs account for 11 percent of global PCs, or 12 percent of Windows’ market share. Referring to the 1.5 billion Windows computers that Microsoft has released recently, the number of computers still running Windows XP is about 181 million. According to PC World, Windows XP still holds the 4th place in the most used Windows versions. The most popular version today is Windows 7 with about 861 million users, followed by Windows 10 (235 million) and Windows 8 / 8.1 (199 million). The amount of computers running Windows XP is about 40% higher than OS X’s. The percentage of computers using Windows XP in China is very high, at 26.2% to 31.6%, according to statistics from StatCounter and Baidu. There are a number of reasons why users may not be able to upgrade to Windows XP, as this version requires a low profile, or can not be upgraded directly or for free to Windows 10. Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Windows XP since early April 2014. Except for paid units to purchase support packages, after that time users do not have technical support or security patches for Windows XP.Net Application predicts next month that Windows XP market share may drop below 10%, but will remain above 5% until next year. According to VnReview.