Out of HTC 10, HTC self-proved exhausted After almost 12 months of pregnancy, the HTC Model 10 is officially launched. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Taiwanese company’s HTC 10. According to the leak, this next model will have many new breakthroughs. As a result of the decline in business, HTC will focus on investing in this new product to become a staple of the company this year. According to the Taiwanese firm, the HTC 10 will have the world’s highest performance camera and performance, far ahead of the current flagship flagship iPhone 6S or Galaxy S7 Edge. For this version to become special, even its name is also changed. Instead of being the HTC One M10, the next-generation smartphone with the HTC One M9. The company cut it back only the HTC 10. All these speculations are pretty much expected to launch the model. At the launch on April 12, HTC 10 offTechnology solutionsicially announced. However, instead of being a modern smartphone, as expected, the HTC 10 is quickly becoming obsolete, as both the design and technology is equipped on this product is nothing too breakthrough. It’s a complete opposite with what HTC has announced. Not only the design stands out, but the features also are refreshing. However, the company has confirmed that the HTC 10 will be the premium smartphone with super-configurations, a flagship of the company this year. Many techers have speculated that HTC is too explosive and the HTC 10 is just a mediocre model. In this high-tech race, Apple, Samsung and Sony can do more. In the past two years, Taiwanese tech companies have been steadily declining, bleak business, and relatively low sales. In the mobile market, HTC, from a strong, highly competitive technology company, now becomes a weak. At the present time, the launch of HTC 10 doesn’t mean that HTC is proving their as a strong manufacturer in the high-end smartphone industry, in the race to compete with other technology companies. According to Baodatviet.