Looking for MySpace Christmas Layouts? Are you looking for Christmas MySpace Layouts? Now, you have an opportunity to get to some the best sites that provide these layouts first hand and oven-baked fresh. OK, I am giving a list of a few good websites that I recommend for the layouts below: 1. Christmas Layouts from WishAFriend.com This site provides a various designs of Christmas MySpace Layouts. Over hundreds of designs and colours, the site is also easily accessible and has a nicely-arranged layouts. For the layouts, you can preview them before even deciding whether want it or not. Besides, you can directly embed the layout you want into your MySpace profile through the auto-posting widget provided. As an alternative, you are also allowed to copy-paste the code into your MySpace profile manually. I give a 5-star for this site for choosing your Christmas MySpace layout. 2. MySpaceMaster.net The layouts provided by this site has a larger thumbnail for preview. The layouts are arranged accordingly in two-by-five forms in every page. This site also has a wide range of Christmas layouts, accumulating for a total of 11 pages. The site also provides live MySpace layout preview, same as the first site. MySpaceMaster.net has also provided instructions for the installation of layout especially for newcomers. Similiarly, the site lets you install the layout you like directly using the same auto-posting tool. A 5-star for this site too. 3. ULTIMATEMYSPACE.com Differ from the websites above, this site lets you know which is the most popular layouts according to the number of views. Moreover, tags related to the site are listed below the layouts. Besides a wide range of option, live preview, embedding code plus instructions are given in every layout. A good site also for your Christmas-themed MySpace profile. 5-star for this site. 4. LayoutsPage.com A professional website which provides unique and colourful Christmas layouts. Apart from others too, each layout has a description, allowing someone to get to the desired layout in a shortwhile. The site also provides auto-posting tool for layout, live preview, manual embedding code plus instructions for every layout. Professional and recommended. 5-star rated for this site. 5. Satisfaction.com A site that really up to your satisfaction. In this site, you can check the number of views and downloads, arranging them in th order you like, e.g. Most Popular with the search engine provided, and even to rate the layouts from the least 1-star to the most 5-star. Live preview and manual embedding code plus instruction are also available here. A wide range of designs and themes would be suitable for one to look for the best layout. A 5-star too for this site. 6. WonderChristmas.com Colourful and various designs of Christmas layouts in this site. Although not many layouts provided, the layouts are clearly and visibly arrange for the comfort of users. Provided also preview of layouts and the manual-posting code. Compared to the sites before, this site does not have a auto-posting widget. However, the layouts provided are cute and of vibrant colours, enough to fufiil your request. A 4-star for this site. 7. Pyzam.com Also another professional site with rating tools and detailed layout information. You can comment on the layouts or to full-screen preview the layouts. Besides, you can find more related layouts from the tags listed below every layout. Professional and unique design of layouts would be an attraction to all. However, not many Christmas layouts could be found here. However, this is still a good and recommended site for Christmas layouts. 4-star rated. 8. TopBun.com A cute and professional layout site indeed. Along with its cute and easily accesible design, you can be reached to modern Christmas festive layouts in no time. A brief description for every layout is given. Something special about the layouts is that you can preview it in ‘Standard’ or ‘Skinny’ form. Besides, the layouts can be installed using the manual embed code provided. Not many options, but still, good design. A 4-star for the site. So, after reviewing the list, have you found the best Christmas layout you wanted for your MySpace profile? I hope this list has done a great job to you. Happy surfing ~ : )