How to Transform a Free Web Template into a Unique Website Step One: Changing the Free Web Template Layout If the free web template‘s layout is written in CSS, as it should be for quality websites, you must know a bit about CSS in order to change the template. If you do not, you can try switching left’ alignments to right,’ or changing the number measurements for layout values. Trial and error can teach you a lot about cascading style sheets (CSS). Just be sure to make a backup of the original file first. Step Two: Changing the Free Web Template Colors Changing the free web template colors is a great way to make it unique. First, find a color chart on the internet. Each color has a six-digit number or letter code. For example, the code for white is FFFFFF. Look for these codes in your CSS web template and change them to whatever colors you like. Many color combinations can look good on a website, but you should be careful to make it match. Step Three: Changing the Free Web Template Graphics The last step in building a unique website from a free web template is to change the graphics. Web templates come with graphics. Open these graphic files in your software program and change them to match your website design. You can easily change the colors, heading, or even the entire picture by using clip art or stock photography. After you finish transforming the free web template into your own unique website, you must, of course, change the titles, navigation, and content of the site. Then, you will have your own website, personally styled and ready to go.